Contoh Artikel SEO : 4 Key Benefits of Project and Research-Based Learning for Student

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4 Key Benefits of Project and Research-Based Learning for Student

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Project-based learning is an excellent method to teach students. It has several benefits for students, from project management to self-confidence ability. Many studies proofs that this significant method improve student in attendance, classroom engagement and score. It makes Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta apply this method as the curriculum. Thus, here are four keys benefits of project-based learning you should know


Four Key Benefits of Project and Research-Based Learning

  1. Help Student More Collaborative in the Learning Process
    With project and research-based learning, students are expected to be creative and innovative through experiment, lab activities, research, and community service. From these activities, it creates the relationship during collaboration in experiment project. Not only do students learn how to work better in groups, but they also build positive relationships with teachers and community members when they are using in the project.

  2. Accommodate Student with Varying Learning Style
    Another benefit that student gets from this curriculum is they can accommodate students with varying learning activities. They will be able to build their knowledge of varying backgrounds and experiences. Besides that, as an international school in Jakarta, it also provides a method to make the children have a more comprehensive range of capabilities to use the traditional text-based focus. When student interested in what they are doing, they will able to know their strength to achieve at a higher level.

  3. Students Ability
    This approach also can give more advantage in the student ability, such as critical thinking and in-depth understanding. In critical thinking, the student can learn to look at the problem with a different point of view by asking questions and coming up with possible solutions for their project. Besides, in aspects of students understanding, they can build their research skills when they are learning.

  4. Lends to Authentic Assessment
    Project and research-based learning encourage children to lend themselves from authentic assessments. Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta curriculum can give advantage for both student and teacher through the learning process. From the student, it allows their ability to work with peers building teamwork. It can also develop the knowledge on research when they are working independently. While for the teacher, it can help to communicate in meaningful ways with the students. 

By bringing real-life context and technology through the project and research-based approach, it can get a lot of benefits in both students and teacher. Students can work capable of becoming an independent student and critical thinkers. At the same time, the teacher can communicate practically with the student to make the learning process better. Therefore, this approach is not just a way of learning by students itself, but it also a method for working together to get the best education.



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